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When we perform your home inspection we will be looking at several hundred items from the roof down to the foundation.
Various conditions can enhance or impair the inspection process. We want to do the best job possible for you and have prepared this guide to getting the most from your inspection.

* Be there if at all possible, it will help you understand the written report. Seeing what the inspector sees can make findings more understandable. You may have some concerns based on your initial walk through. Let your inspector know as the inspection starts or call the office ahead of time so we can be best prepared. An extra pair of eyes can always help, so point out any concerns when the inspector has a free moment.
* Distractions hurt. We really mean it when we say that it is important for you to be there. Please keep in mind though, that if you or your Uncle Joe divert the inspector's attention away from inspecting, it increases the chances of missing something important. Do not monopolize the inspector's time--provide a little breathing room for looking and recording. A comfortable role for you at the inspection lies somewhere between a shadow and a wallflower. Do not worry, the inspector will point out important findings on-site and follow-up with a detailed computer generated report.
* Accessibility counts. We'd like to look at as many things as possible. If you know that something important-such as an attic access, an electric panel or a furnace is blocked, ask your agent to see if it's possible to have access available for the inspection. Your inspector is not allowed to move furniture or remove wall coverings; this is a non-invasive inspection.
* Home vacant? Be sure that ALL utilities are on. Outlets, furnaces, water heaters, built-in dishwashers, plumbing evaluations all require those all-important utilities. We must charge for return trips necessitated by shut down utilities or other lack of access. Again, you can help get the best inspection by requesting all utilities be turned on & pilot lights lit.
* Background helps paint the picture. Disclosure statements, repair & replacement bills, maintenance history are always helpful information. If you have any of this information, share it with us before or at the inspection; it can only enhance your inspector's effectiveness.

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